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Friday, July 3, 2009


It started when I downloaded a demo Game Apps for my IPod Touch that had me literally going gaga over with. If you’ve heard about Sally’s Spa and actually played it, you would know what I mean. It’s one of those Time Management games that you could find all over the internet. Unfortunately, I only got the limited free version on my ITouch, but I was seriously considering buying the full version of the game. However, when I tried to download a free trial and played it on my laptop, I realized that I’d like to play it better on the computer because it has a wider screen and better resolution. It’s quite addicting I tell you. I couldn’t get myself to stop playing and before I know it, I find myself searching for all kinds of Time Management games online. Oh, boy, I got hooked! I’ve played Cooking Dash, Wedding Dash 2, Jo Jo’s Fashion Dash, Miriel the Magical Merchant to name a few of my favorites, and of course Sally’s Spa. The 1-hour trial version is definitely not enough so I’m going to buy the unlimited full version of Sally’s Spa and Cooking Dash tonight.

5 replies:

chari said...

Ow I love these games. True I became addicted to almost all of them. Hubby even hate it because I don't like to stop playing. Hahahaha. Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry Jen can't help u with this...LOL Tony's like you too when it comes to downloading stuff on his Ipod Touch..


AdinB said...

Yes! I love Sally's Spa ate Jhen.. I am very addicted to it.. hahaha.. :)

AdinB said...

I played all of those things and I am hooked, but the thing is, everytime i download the free trial version, we always end up having problems in our computer. So I stopped. I miss it! hehehe..

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