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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day off!

Who says only those who are working get a day off? A stay-at-home wife like me should get a day off too. Hehe...Being a simple housewife here in the U.S. is no easy feat. You practically have to do everything since there's no parents, in-laws, nor maids to help. Not to mention if you have small ones to take care of on top of everything, so my hats off to the dedicated SAHMs out there. In my case since I don't have a small one yet, I have so much time in my hands at home so most of the time, I'm left with nothing to do but sit in front of the computer and T.V. I've worked in the IT department at a bank for a year. I've enjoyed it, but after a while, I miss the freedom that I used to have. I miss just bummin' around the house, you know! Haha! So I decided to just stay at home and enjoy all the free time that I'm having. However, staying inside the house for days can get boring to a point, right? Good thing that hubby thought the same thing, so during his days off from work (which is Friday to Sunday), he'd take me out for a date or something usually on Saturdays. And I'd like to think of it as my day off from the house, hehe. Last weekend, we went to watch "Valentine's Day". Yeah, I know, Valentine's is over but the movie isn't, so off we went. I liked it, hubby didn't. Most guys don't like chick flicks anyway so who cares?

Taken before heading out

After the movie, we had dinner at El Chico, a Mexican restaurant.

I had some Chicken Mushroom Enchiladas while he got some Beef Enchiladas.

Ooh! Yep, it's me again taking a sip of my Margarita. It's actually just my second time to try Margarita. I heart it, so definitely not my last! Hehe. Looking forward to another day off this weekend, Haha!

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tx sweetie said...

oh lala! damo gid foodies! labaw need tag day off tawn para kit-an ta ni haring adlaw.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello Jenn, ka igat jud nimo mag drink ha hehehe Nice ang pink colors nimo Jenn.

anne said...

hehehe what a day off, anyway girl maganda ba ang valentines day id like kasi to buy a dvd today.

Bchai said...

We need to get together and have some margaritas, hun. ;)

I agree---SAHW and SAHM is hard work. You definitely deserve that day off! And, you're right: managing the household and keeping the family happy, healthy, and sane is HARD work. It's also very rewarding at the end, knowing that you've done a wonderful work maintaining the house, putting food on the table, catering to your loved one's needs, and keeping yourself in spectacular condition.

Go on and enjoy those date nights: you truly deserve it! ;)

bingkee said...

I decided I stay at home and quit my job in a newspaper because we decided to have a baby and to concentrate on my IVF treatments. It is really hard to be a stay-at-home wife without kids also because it can be really boring. But I managed , though now the treatments all failed and I could never conceive a baby, I want to go back to work. But it's so hard to find a job these days.

Lea said...

Oh yes, your right!I do agree with you..anyway you got an award visit

juliana said...

if you love to sleep, sleep till noon just like me hehe. by the time I get up,it's already midday and the rest of the day is just enough to do my errands and house chores. no time wasted hahaha. what a 'bummy' idea! please don't mind my "insanity."(LOL)

Twerlyn said...

Oi Jenn, I like your eyes (chinita)! ka pretty oi..

Tama jud ka Jenn...nindot jud maka day-off sa work sa balay..mao lagi kung dili sakit lawas ni MIL, maka date jud mi ni bana atleast once in two months..pytes na.

Verna Luga said...

Jenn, i have something for you in my blog..

In This Side of Town

The Twitterer said...

for someone used to the rat race, i really had to adjust A LOT when i became a SAHW. it's good that it didn't take long before i became a SAHM. i don't know how to use the time and bumming around at home can really be tiresome and boring after a while. LOL!

:) said...

i love date night with my husband and son :) looks like you are having a great time!

""rarejonRez"" said...

i heart your pink top jenn!

indeed, it's tough being a SAHM or SAHW. but good for u for having a day off, too! ako wa jud day-off nga regular. very spontaneous man mi pareho ni bana gud. mokalit lang decide in any instance ba. but i love weekends kay i get to oversleep and don't mind the little one kay naa man ang amahan nga mo-take charge! lol

adto na ko oi kay gigutom ko sa enchilada! lol

Anne said...

Your enchilada photo made me hungry :). Having a date night with your husband is a great idea. According to the experts, it keeps your relationship fresh.

Unknown said...

-korek! kinahanglan sad nato idisplay ato nagwng sa gawas oi, unsa ba! hehe

Unknown said...

-haze, thanks! igat ba? hahaha! i luv pink colors particularly this shade of pink mura may pag ka bubblegum pink.

Unknown said...

anne, yeah for people who like chick flicks id say maganda. i liked it. cute na story though mejo complicated ang characters coz they are all kinda like interrated pero different love stories. i recommend it.

Unknown said...

-very well said my dear. you have expressed it clearly than i have. hehe. i wish i have a little one though to keep me busy and occupied during my idle times. :) i luv being a housewife, no pressure, no stress from co workers and bosses, hehe. i am the boss in my own house, so to speak.

Unknown said...

-bingkee, yeah i know it's kinda hard to get a job these days because of the economy. well there are jobs out there but maybe you're like me you don't just settle with any jobs just to have one. being happy is more important than earning money. and about wanting to have a bb. oh yes, i feel your pain. though we havent tried long enough to really stress and worry about it, but like u i wish there's a lil one inside the house with me to keep me entertained and busy. in God's time, it'll come. but yeah right now i enjoy not working. i dont know if ill say the same thing in the next year or so, but hopefully by then somebody's gonna keep me busy, hehe

Unknown said...

- hahaha. you really got me laughing with your comment. but actually it made sense. i've tried that a couple of times. i'd wake up spend some time watching tv and internet then i noticed it's almost nighttime, time flies huh! but i hav a prob with that set up, i don't get sleepy at night which sucks. hehe i want to sleep the same time as hubby sleeps which is usually 9:30 coz he gets up really early so i always end up just tossing and turning on the bed if i slept in, and it'll just disturb the hubby so i quit doing that. :) besides my favorite filipino soap operas start showing at 10am so i gotta wake up at least 9, hehehe. on weekends though i slept until 11, haha!

Unknown said...

lerms, salamat sa chinita comment, hahah make up ra na girl oi, hahaha!

btw, maau gani ka kay naa imo ever supportive MIL diha duol ra sa inyo. bitaw payts na na once in 2 months na date oi. considering 2 bya na imo chikitings diha. im sure busy busyhan jud na imo life diha. karon wla pa man ko bb mao makalugar pa ug date every weekend pero once naa na pud gamay ani ambot lang ani, hehe

D said...

Ooohh! Enchiladas! Yum yum! hehe I so agree with you Jenn. I have such high respect for the stay at home moms and wives out there. It's no easy job. I was a stay at home wife for several months before too, when I first came here to the US, while waiting for my authorization to work. It drove me crazy being alone at home most of the day coz I was so used to having people around me in PI. You really have to find ways to distract yourself, or else you're going to go insane from boredom. Now that I'm working, I'm so lazy on my days off. LOL

Anyway, your husband is so sweet to take you out over the weekend. And I like your pink V-neck sweater, by the way!:D You look very pretty in it!

Unknown said...

@the twitterer
-oh yeah trust me it can get boring after a while. hehe that's why i'm really glad that hubby takes me out every weekend at least i can see other things besides the 4 corners of our house, haha!

Unknown said...

-recel, halu and thanks . we have spontaneous dates pud pero usually jud kay planned, hehe bitaw oi di sad lalim ang being sahm og sahw oi.

Unknown said...

-yeah i agree. it's healthy to have dates with your partner every once in a while, you know to keep the love alive, :) i always enjoy being with him especially the nights out and the mini travels. fun!

Unknown said...

-Don, same here i wasn't used to not working back in PI. when i first got here in the US, for 10 months i've been out of work and a stay at home wife. it drove me nuts. haha! i cried every day because i was so homesick and bored from staying at home, so i decided to get a job. that's when i get employed in a bank. i enjoyed it. it kept me out of the house. i was earning money and i had my self esteem back. but im not getting younger and we want to have a baby and i want to be a stay at home mom if ever. the opportunity came for me to quit working when we had our wedding in the Philippines January of this year. i quit and then we moved to a new place as well. everything has a new beginning so to speak. i'm jobless right now but it's really a personal choice. i can get a job if i'd wanted to but i want to give myself a rest first, enjoy bummin' around and hopefully make a baby, haha! we'll see what would i want in the next year or so, im not sure what the future holds but i don't see myself being a SAHM forever.

Lainy said...

Sis, I envy you! I wish I could just stay home and do as I please. I wish I own my time. But since I work on a 8-7 basis, it's pretty hard. Not to mention that I work under pressure of late because of the upcoming automated elections. Sigh! I can't even file a leave of absence until the election period is over.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful glimpses of you. Loving it!

BTW, I love coming by frequently as you have been responding to all of the comments. I am reading all of them without fail.

At my blogs, I always take time to respond to all comments as well. Bisan nagkabuang nako sa akoang oras, haha! Pero sige lang kay nalingaw man pud ko, hehe!

Dhemz said...

ayay! kalami sa day-off....bongacious man kaau woi!

everybody deserves get a! maau gani ka diha jenn kay wala kay bata....less ra ang!

hahhaha...namuot ko ni hazel...igat daw ka mo! sos tipsy man ko sa margarita lang ako...ehehhehe!

aw wala na diay ka nag IZEA...ic....exclusive diay ka sa PU2...ehehehe...good for yah...wala na opps sa IZEA woi..crisis na....:)

Unknown said...

@scotty's princess
-Lains, thanks for always dropping by. It's really my pleasure.

Consider youself blessed sis 'coz you have a stable job. Thousands of people in our country are out of job so it's really a blessing, di ba? YOu work with the government man diay di ba is that why you get busy too during elections?

Well just keep it easy sis. Stay healthy. Always remember to enjoy, after all your Prince would always want the best for u. :)

Unknown said...

Kana gyud wifey enjoy your time and me time, coz once you have little ones your me time is over hehe. naglaway ko sa imung food ug drinks hehe

Mommy Liz said...

Lucky you for not working outside your home. I used to work for 9 years and when I stopped working and stayed home to take care of the kids, I started to miss working and seeing other people. But, when I think of going back to work, I won't have the freedom that I do now. I can go anywhere I want to, anytime. So, I guess, being at home is just great. Few more years and my youngest would attend school and that will be the tiem for me to get back to work, wahhhh!

Have a great day!

Pearl said...

I envy you :)
I've always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but right now we just simply can't afford it yet.

Unknown said...

-aw i think virgin margarita man cguro na ako gi order. aw ambot oi, wala bya ko kalibutan anang mga drinks drinks, hahaha. basta ako lang na gitudlo sa menu, hahahaha.

mao lage arang arang pa kay wala pa baktin diri pero nahan nako naay magdagan dagan na gamay diri oi mingaw man gud ako ra usa if naa sa work si bana.

Unknown said...

@mommy liz
you're right. at least you had an option di ba to work or not to work. that's the good thing about it. me i don't feel pressure to work pud. but if i wanted to, i can go back to work. but right now rest muna. we're hoping to have a baby. :)

Unknown said...

-hahaha. korek ka wifey, enjoy pa karon kay wla pay baktin, if naa na, aw preso na pud ta ani sa haus. hahaha.

Unknown said...

-hi pearl. i understand. i know a lot us somehow wants to just stay at home to have full time with the kids and the husband and the household chores but circumstances wouldn't allow us to. that's fine as long as u enjoy working and u dont forget to have quality time with ur family, that's good. you feel satisfaction when you work too.

Lainy said...

You said it, Jenn!

Yeah, I work for the government. The 4th most corrupt National Government Agency to be exact, LOL!

Very busy na jud. I can't even comb my hair nor look at myself infront of the mirror. Haggard na jud pag-ayo. We are currently very busy Training the teachers (Board of Elections Inspectors) who shall handle the elections, Jenn. We are also preoccupied in finding out ways on how to strategize the election day. This is always through the effort of my Boss who blogs from He is always a man of action.

BTW, I am all hats off to all the SAHMS for they were able to manage their time offline and online.

Long love Blogging Mommies!

Michelle said...

that's a great day off! You deserve it! :)

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