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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rediscovering Philippines

I’ve been here in the Philippines for 2 weeks now. I’m enjoying myself so far. We go out everyday to take care of some wedding stuff. It’s hot and humid here as always, hehe. It helps a lot that I don’t have to ride on jeepneys all the time. I’m glad that my dad is always willing to drive the family van for me whenever I need to go to SM or Ayala or even to meet up with my wedding suppliers. Today I had to say no because my destination is only 2 kilometers away so I told him I’ll just ride on a jeep, that way we can save gas. I must say it’s really such a blessing that we own a vehicle here, though I can’t drive here of course. I always get nervous with the bumper to bumper traffic here in the Philippines. Not to mention the way drivers seem to disregard basic road rules. I can now understand why Jeff and my brother in law would say they don’t want to drive in the Philippines, lol. Anyway, things like this only make the Philippines more unique and enjoyable. Other than missing my Jeff and my Wii back in the US, I love being here! The fun has just started.

Me and my youngest sister Jhazel

4 replies:

Shanix said...

ayahaya madame oi naa naman diha. ikaon nya ko kinilaw nga guso ingats

meretrisha said...

wow.. hehe di na ka ma reach net da.. nice van! daan ka naman minsan

juliet said...

mora na jud ka ug cellphone nga out of coverage " ... cannot be reached" na jud ka, lol!

:) said...

awww so pretty...both of you!

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