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Sunday, September 27, 2009

A glimpse of Bull Shoals, Arkansas

We've seen Bull Shoals for the first time yesterday. We hadn't made that trip last week due to hubby not feeling well. To those who does not know yet, we're moving to this town in a month. It is primarily a small retirement and vacation community in the northern part of Arkansas. I have lived in a big city all my life back in the Philippines so it was really a culture shock to me when I moved here in the U.S. In as much as hubby would like me to be happy by living in big cities proximate to big shopping centers, we're afraid that we won't be able to do that because of his line of work. He works in a hydropower plant that obviously uses water to supply electricity. These plants make use of rivers and lakes in this country to generate power and usually these are located in remote areas of the United States. I've long been resigned to the fact that we can't move to L.A., Chicago or New York, not that I wanted to live in these cities anyway, considering the ridiculous cost of living in these places. He's very good with what he does, not to mention the excellent pay and security that the job offers. It didn't take me long enough to get adjusted and satisfied with living in simple and small towns like Ozark and Bull Shoals. As a matter of fact, I love the peace, serenity, low crime rate, picturesque view, laid-back life, pleasant people that these little towns offer. Like most people, I love to shop. But it has really never been a problem even if we've lived quite a ways from malls. Hubby has been very good with his promise to take me to new places, treat me to good restaurants, drive me to the mall and let me shop to my heart's content. Life is treating me well and I'm so thankful to God for that.

Alright, back to the topic. Bull Shoals has a pretty lake with clean and clear waters, almost 1,000 miles of pristine shoreline being enjoyed by people who love to swim, fish, scuba dive, water ski, wake board, camp and even just to chill out and relax to keep their minds from stress. When you google Bull Shoals, you'd be presented with so many lake resorts to choose from. We stopped by their marina yesterday afternoon and took some photos. We've already made plans to rent a boat and just explore the whole lake and probably try fishing. It's another unique and romantic date idea for me and Jeff. There's nothing to dislike about the place. Oh did I mention that the weather was awesome. The sun was out but the cool breeze was just fantastic. We found some nice houses to stay though we haven't finally decided which one yet. On our next trip, we'll look into some more and hopefully by then, we'll have a decision. Anyway, I'll make another blog about that. But yeah, everything is falling into place and we're pretty much excited with the move.

Bull Shoals Marina and Boat Dock


Close-up of a neat log-cabin inspired houseboat in the middle of the lake

11 replies:

LODS said...

the boat house looks so neat jenn.. that would be a great experience to try..

irish daisies said...

wow that was a great post. looks like you will be living in a wonderful area. i loved that cabin house boat. i've always loved house boats! i didnt know this was in ar.. we missed seeing it while stationed sure you will be very happy there :)

Nova said...

oh looks nice and super environmentalist... never tried to live in a boathouse....that must be coolll

""rarejonRez"" said...

looks interesting and beautiful sis! i'm sure you'll have a great time in Bull Shoals!

Cacai M. said...

that's a very nice view! the serenity and the beautiful water and sorroundings makes it perfect!

Unknown said...

-yes lods it's my first time to see houseboats. ignorante kaau ko dugay kaau ko ni-sink in sa akong mind ang gisulti ni jeff about houseboats. hehe kuyaw kaau diri sa US sah, pwede mupuyo pansamantala sa tunga sa tubig, hahaha.

Unknown said...

-yes it is a very pretty area up here my friend. there's so much things to do outdoors and yeah we'll definitely try each of them. i find the houseboats interesting, it's the first time i've seen those i find them cute, hehe.

Unknown said...

-hi sis. yeah i've never seen anything like this before and it's interesting. it's not something u can live permanently though, it's just a day or two for a vacation if u want to chill out and relax in the lake. i think it's cool!

Unknown said...

-thanks sis. yeah i think i'm going to have a good time there. :) im excited about the move.

Unknown said...

-yes sis, the view is awesome. i like the place kay very peaceful, picturesque and very wonderful people. i'm excited about the move.

Onedia said...

I just found you....Don't know if you have arrived yet in Bull Shoals. We moved here 3 years ago and there are some adjustments. Please feel free to contact me ..... I started writing Onedia in the Ozarks when I moved here so you can check that out ... Now friends and I publish the Bull Shoals Beacon.

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