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Sunday, February 22, 2009

We were pulled over by a cop!

Scary, huh! Imagine how scared I was when we were pulled over by a police officer on our way to our dinner and movie date last night. Yes, we were heading to a Chinese restaurant in Russellville when a cop flashes his blue and red lights right behind us. I actually didn’t realize it at first as my mind was occupied with food and movie but Jeff surprised me when he pulled right straight to an empty parking lot beside the road. It didn’t look like we arrive at the restaurant yet so I was bewildered when he turned off the ignition key. I asked, “Is this the place?” He answered in a calm voice, “We were pulled over, didn’t you realize it?” Then I glanced at the side mirror and there I saw the disco lights flashing at our tail. Oh my! was my first reaction. What did we do wrong? We weren’t overspeeding, were we? I panicked inside. It’s my first time to be pulled over and I got scared of course. But the police approached us calmly and introduced himself and told us that we’re driving with one burned-out headlight. We didn’t realize it. I suppose we were too excited to go out and failed to check the preliminaries. He asked for Jeff’s license and proof of insurance and waited for like eternity before the cop went back and told us we were just given a verbal warning and that we’d have to fix the headlights as soon as possible. I felt so relieved. I thought he’s gonna give us a ticket or worse send us to jail, hehehe! I’m such an idiot! It was a lesson learned and at least I know that a cop usually asks for your driver’s license, vehicle registration and a proof of auto insurance. I realize that no matter how some auto insurance sucks, it’s a necessity and we should comply. There are so many of them out there and if you want to buy auto insurance online, you can do that too.

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jijie said...

Ohmigosh! thats scary even though you know you didn't do wrong, but by think you got pulled over by a cop, i would probably freak out and start crying. I had that experience with my stepdaughter who likes to speed, and man, i was shaking. So now since my husband speeds up most of the time, i always looked around if theirs a police on the side of the road so i can warned him, and in our neighborhood here, if you speed even only a couple for what the speed limit is, you can get a ticket.

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Jenn...

Katakot nga! Fortunately hindi pa na pull over ang aking mister when we're with him but he's been pulled over a couple times since we've been married.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Mommy J

irish daisies said...

well its good he told you your headlight was out. i need to blog about the time my husband pulled over a cop for speeding...really it really happened LOL it was so funny hope u had a nice time at the movies and dinner that is our friday night too :)

Anonymous said...

if i was on that situation I will also think the same TICKET or JAIL, scary hehehe

AdinB said...

Your story ate Jhen reminded me of our experience sa Montana because we got pulled over too and we didn't have any idea at all as to why. Same thing, and headlight pod kay wa ga on so the next morning we had to stop at a hardware store and gi-ilisan ni Tim. hehehe... good thing it was just the headlight and nothing serious. Warning sad gihapon mi at that time. hehehe Take care!

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