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Thursday, September 18, 2008

How long do you think you'll live?

Have you ever wondered about that? Honestly, I don't. But when I read the news article today about Tomoji Tanabe in Japan, who was said to be the oldest man in the world, and is actually celebrating his 113rd birthday, it just amazed me and made me wonder if it's even possible to live that long. I mean many people from a couple of centuries ago probably live longer but in our generation, with all the food that we eat and the lifestyle that we are exposed with, I've always thought that it's almost impossible for us to reach 100 years old. I wouldn't even want to live that long anyway. I think it'll get lonely when you reach that age 'coz you're no longer capable of doing fun stuff with your other half. It struck me as odd though when Tomoji Tanabe said in his interview that he doesn't want to die. I mean, can't he just be happy and content that he reached 113? There's not a lot of people who even reach 100 y/o. It's a fact though that Japan has one of the world's longest life expectancies, which is often attributed to the country's healthy diet rich in vegetables, fish and rice. Most of us eat rice a lot but not much people like to eat fish or veggies, me included. So I really don't expect to live that long. All I wanted though is to live my life to the fullest. I wanted to enjoy what I have now and cherish everything that God has given me. Because the truth is, we can never tell how long we live. Probably no matter how healthy your diet and lifestyle is. It's all just up to HIM.

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Anonymous said...

on that note, i think i'll be eating a lot more vegetables and cutting back on a few other things...

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