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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Veggies for a healthy diet

I got some inspiration to cook healthy last night. It's my first ever attempt to cook vegetables for dinner. I am not a veggie type of a person that's why I never really bother to learn recipes with lots of veggies on it. But as I've said for some reason, I was encouraged to try cooking Chopsuey. It took a while to prepare and cook it but I'm thankful to my hubby for assisting me last night. It was actually him who cut the veggies and everything, all I did was the actual cooking. I came home an hour late last night as I had to temporarily switch schedule with a co-worker due to his personal needs. But anyway, yeah, it was fun making Chopsuey especially that hubby was there helping me out with the preparation. It was a lot of food for the two of us to eat in one sitting but we both liked it. It may not taste like the Chopsueys in fancy restaurants back home but it sure is healthy and edible, hehehe.

while waiting for it to simmer (halfway cooked)

this looks cooked to me so after I took this shot, we had our hearty dinner

3 replies:

Anonymous said...

that looks yummy! it's my first time to see a hardboiled egg in a chopsuey ate jen.

manang rorie cooks very yummy chopsuey. i might need to cook healthy too. Travis got the beer belly already even if he doesn't drink bear at all!

Nick Phillips said...

Ok, I didn't know they called that dish Chopsuey. It does look pretty delicious by the way ...

PinayWAHM said...

Wow kasarap naman. I have to make that one day kasi our little one like brocs and cauliflower...



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