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Thursday, April 17, 2008

How Am I Today?

It's been a while since I last wrote something about my thoughts for the day. There seems to be a lot of trivial things going on with our lives lately but like I've said it's really of no significance or whatsoever. Not quite enough to write a blog about. It could also be that I'm too engrossed with the idea of catching blog opps online that my mind went dull for a personal blog. Anyway, speaking of blog opportunities, I always end up frustrated everytime I'll see a gray shaded opps thinking that I could have caught it if i were just right there sitting in front of the computer and hitting the F5 button. Arrggghhh!!! Now, I understand what Loannah means when she said there are some people who would prefer to just sit in front of the computer and totally forget about grocery shopping and doing something else besides blogging. Apparently, this hobby can be so addictive and frustrating at the same time. But I try really not to be so caught up with it though I must admit I really enjoyed it.

On a different note, I am in pain physically right now. The muscles in my thighs are sore and tender. I got this after a 45-minute Hip Hop Total Fat Burn dvd workout. I haven't exercised for quite a while that's why I feel so beaten up after yesterday's workout. Anyway, I'll take it easy next time. I may just have to skip today to allow my muscles to heal. Losing weight is never easy.

Meanwhile, I got excited with the prospect of moving out of Arkansas. Hubby thinks he'd like to work in a new environment and we're thinking of finding a place to move in Illinois. Well, staying in Arkansas and just moving to a different city is kinda like his best option but to me, I think if we would have to leave Ozark, I'd rather live somewhere in Illinois 'coz I wanna be closer to my sister. But of course, it depends on how fast he could find a job some place out of Ozark. Anyway, that would be it for today. I'll have to stop or else I'll start to talk rubbish here.

3 replies: said...

I like that idea Jen, moving here in, ILLINOIS that would be GREAT! Hopefully it will be soon....LOL

Anonymous said...

ur right burning fats is so hard and adding up is so easy lol 3x a week lang sa pag workout, jennai oi sakto gyud ka kapuy manakup ug opps, im ok now wala nako fever...

have a nice day ;)

Amy said...

hi, salamat sa bisita! feel free to add your link in my blogroll. click here:

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