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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Let There Be Snow

I've checked on the weather forecast for today in the internet and West Arkansas has a winter storm warning. No wonder it's such a gloomy day outside. Early this afternoon, rain started to fall out from the sky. There's even a snow forecast for Franklin County today but I don't wanna keep my hopes up. Two days ago, it snowed a bit here in Ozark but it didn't last long. My little heart was so stricken. Eversince I got here 5 months ago, I've never experienced thick accumulation of snow yet. I've always wished to have a picture while I make snow angels and lay spread-eagled on the snowy ground. But I ain't got lucky yet!

2 replies:

StaLira said...

how i wish i would see and touch the snow

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenn,buti pa kayo my snow dyan ngayon,kami dito wala this year.Ako gusto komagsnow pero one day lang hahaha.

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